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If you've made your way to this website, then you probably already know which service you're looking for, right? In case you need a refresher, you can check out our services below and learn a little about each one!

Wedding Day Coordination

*Most Popular*
Starting at $1,250

Have you already planned your wedding but need someone there to make your wedding dream become reality while you enjoy your special day?  That's where we come in! One month before your wedding day, we will connect with you to begin learning all the details about your wedding using our Wedding Day Coordination Template. We will go through all the motions of your big day together to make sure that no stone is left unturned to ensure your day runs seamlessly. While every wedding is different and require different tasks, here are a few examples of what you can expect from your Wedding Day Coordinator:


-Rehearsal Coordination (up to 1 hour)

-Setup of all decorations such as signs, centerpieces, place cards, guest favors, dessert trays, candles, photos, etc. 

-Maintains timeline given to ensure the day runs seamlessly

-Greets guests as they arrive to receive gifts and cards

-Directs guests to cocktail hour and reception

-Frequently monitors your venue to ensure everything is running smoothly and to tie up any loose ends

-Acts as liaison for all vendors and become the point of contact for your wedding day and hand out final payments (if applicable)

-Assists in cake cutting and distribution (if needed)

-Lines up guests for sendoff/staged exit (if applicable)

-Packs up all personal belongings and rented items (if applicable)

-Final walk-through of venue to ensure all is well before exiting


There is so much more involved in making your wedding day perfect,  but just know that we do absolutely whatever it takes to make sure you have the Best Day Ever!

Partial Planning
Starting at $3,250

While planning a wedding can be very fun, it can also become very overwhelming and can end up adding unnecessary stress to your life. With Partial Planning, you would handle the bulk of the details and tasks of planning your event, and we would offer you up to 20 hours of assistance with anything you’d need us for. Here are some examples of some tasks you could pass on to us:

Choosing your vendors

Choosing a vendor might sound as easy as a simple Google search and clicking on the first thing that pops up, but please keep in mind that some companies pay a lot of money to be put at the top of the list and there’s usually a reason for that! We want to make sure they are the perfect fit for you. A lot of effort is put towards choosing a vendor because they are what ultimately makes up your wedding day. We will take the time to thoroughly investigate their work ethic, reviews, pricing--whatever it takes to make sure they’re right for you.

Communicating with vendors

If you have the time to choose your vendors but don’t have the time (or desire) to communicate with them until your event, give them our email address! We can take the reins and keep you posted with all the necessary details.

Choosing your reception layout

Fine-tuning your reception layout can sometimes turn into the game of Tetris depending on the space your reception has to offer. Let us help you decide what will work best while saving you the stress of doing it on your own!

Budget Tracking

It's super easy to let your heart break your wallet with all these Pinterest-worthy wedding photos we see popping up left and right. When you allow us to help with Budget Tracking, we can help hold you accountable and also assist with budget friendly ideas to help you achieve your wedding dream without breaking the bank. 

**This package also includes everything mentioned in the Wedding Day Coordination package!**

Full Planning
Starting at $4,750

If you love the idea of getting married but cringe at the thought of having to plan it yourself, this is your Golden Ticket!

Full Planning means that we do it ALL, but with your input and approval in each step because after all, it is YOUR wedding!

The line of communication between us would be wide open from start to finish, and we'd do everything possible to make sure your wedding vision comes to life while keeping your stress level to a minimum. 


While there's much more involved, here are a few of the main tasks we take care of for you:

-Searching for the perfect venue and going with you on tours (if you'd like me to tag along/if our schedules line up)

-Helping you find THE dress

-Creating a dream wedding while staying within your budget

-Helping find the perfect floral and decor to bring your wedding vision to life
-Choosing vendors and communicating with them up until and throughout your wedding day
-Keeping track of your budget and payments made to vendors
-Working with you step by step to make sure your wedding vision comes to life with the theme you've chosen
-Monthly emails summarizing the planning process
-Scheduling any necessary appointments/meetings with vendors 

*Everything listed in the above services is included in the Full Planning service!


Don't see what you're looking for? Let's chat and create a customized package that works for you!

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