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How it All Began

I found my love for planning weddings when I planned my own back in 2018. My husband Charlie and I love the outdoors and didn’t have to look far for a venue that was perfect for us, because it was just across the street from his parents' house. We tied the knot under a canopy of large oak trees at his Aunt and Uncle’s home, which was originally built for Charlie’s grandparents, by Charlie’s father. It was so incredibly special to us to be married in a place where so many family memories were made. 

We spent many nights on the couch planning all the details of our wedding and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. I remember back then saying to Charlie how I wished I could have a career in wedding planning, so in 2019 I decided to follow my heart and make it happen!

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Sufia Huq Portraits

The Best Part

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Sufia Huq Portraits

I've always considered myself to be a 'people-person' but planning weddings has solidified the truth of that label I've given to myself. I absolutely love building connections with my clients, and I always do my best to be as personable as I possibly can, so they feel comfortable opening up to me about their wants and needs or things they are concerned about happening at their wedding (we all have 'that one' family member, right?). 

I stay connected with most of my couples through social media and it gives me the warm fuzzies to watch their love grow over the years. 

Hi, I'm Chelsey :) 

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my page! Before I tell you a little about me, I'll tell you how I came up with the name for my business. It was very important to me to incorporate something personal into my business name because I wanted something that represented me, as well as what my business is based on: Love. My Aunt Michelle has called me "Mini Bee" since I was a little girl, which always makes me smile when I think about it. So, after a little play on words, the lightbulb in my little brain lit up very brightly when I put "Bee Loved" together. I felt it was so simple, yet meaningful and perfect.  Also, bees are cute and benefit the earth, so there's that :) 


In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with my husband and two amazing kiddos, eating delicious food, catching a sunset, riding dirt bikes, mountain biking and doing any other activity that brings me joy. I've watched 'The Office' close to twenty times from start to finish and will throw out "that's what she said" and all the other amazing quotes from the show any chance I get.  I would describe myself as a 'jack of all trades' and someone who isn't afraid of a challenge. I pride myself on being able to keep a smile on my face even in stressful situations. Oh, and most importantly, I LOVE dogs!

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